April vacation!*

School had been pretty weird lately… It has been kinda stressful lately to. so how relieving it was having a vacation with absolutely nothing to do! Unfortunately this week I had to write about something. And so I choose nothing!

by nothing I mean, April vacation was exactly what it was turned out to be! Nothing but endless relaxation and all that jazz. right now I’m thinking that this shouldn’t be called April vacation, to me this feels like more of a endless description to me. Anyway how was I existing again? Oh yeah, in complete and total luxury. all I was doing was laying down reading and playing video games. That was basically all.

Day two. on day two I spent a while thinking of how to have fun with my family other then playing board games. I was looking around my house when I found a copy of Mario party in a bin full of games that i own. that kept the family occupied for a while and then we got into an argument and then we had to put it away.

Day 3

Today I went for a long walk to a store. it was a grueling 4 and a half miles but once I got there I had a soda and a snack. I had still burnt calories counting my extremely small lunch…

Have a great day! Angus.


Today I have been asked to write for 40 minutes. Problem is I have nothing to write about. I have to write something… So toda- oh wait I already said that… Oh! um iv’e been going for walks lately… Don’t know if your interested in that… But uuuuh say you are maybe! Iv’e  been walking about 3 miles most times…  This one time I walked 4.9 miles to a store close to me… Oh wait is it 2:43 already? hallelujah! this was getting awkward… Wait! I started at 2:25? Aw crap! okay back to the walk.

I was ahead of my family for most of the time. I also walked a loop around to river road then white road and finely I looped around back to carding machine road. My home. I was so tired!

Wow! that came out better then I expected! Angus.

quarantine poem

I get more bored every day.

my hope of interest in anything is slowly fading away

but hey, who am I to say i’m giving way?

surely there are more and more people slowly going more and more and more insane.

every second, minute, hour, and day

and it will be the same until at least the beginning of may.

WHY!!! sincerely, Angus.

my opinion.

My thoughts on this whole thing is pretty mixed. On the first hand I get to stay home from school. on the other hand, I have to do my work. On the theoretical “3rd hand” I get to goof off after ( in between ) my work periods

But even with all the other world shifting stuff happening Coronavirus shifting the world like 90 degrees to the left. and all the sudden the world did a 360! it was snowing! overnight the world got a nice big white blanket… which was a foot thick! this is all some pretty crazy stuff happening!

I spent a while this morning playing in the snow, most of which I was being buried by my sister Josie. by the time she was done with me I looked like a mini snowhill. and my dad got a day off!

have a nice day! Angus.

my dad

My dad is really cool because he has all of these awesome board games that we play all the time. But somehow I am not 100’/. sure that we’ve even played all of them!?. Anyway there’s too many board games to really keep track of.

Another reason he’s super awesome is because his cooking. He is amazing! He cooks all kinds of cool stuff  like Terriyaki and Stir fry but that’s not even a fraction of all the stuff he cooks!

He is always making all these awesome improvements on the house! like so far he has made a shed, a fire pit and a pizza oven!

Have a nice day!  Angus.:)


One fateful day on a Friday I was told some great news! School had been canceled! Bad news. We had school work to do on Monday, my parents tried as hard as they could to make a school experience and it was fun! We had amazing activities of every caliber! On Tuesday my dad went to the school and got me and my sister Josie some actual schoolwork to do so on day two we did some schoolwork. And it went mostly like that throughout the week ( up in’till Thursday when I but I predict that the rest of the week will go like that)

I Hope you all are holding up well!


my home.

One reason this is a special place for me is that it has all the stuff I like in it and it also has a ton of amazing board games in it.

I also have tons of memories there. it has everything you could possibly want in a house and even during all this virus stuff.

I have still found a way to hang with my buddies it was hard trying to think of a place to do this post other then my house.

After all I have been stuck in it for about a week now.

There is no other place I’d rather be in then my house. but then again I could not be anywhere else because of the whole virus thing.

So I choose my house because its the only place I have visited in the last few weeks.

Another thing I like about my house is that it is really small so it  really easy to navigate.

But in all of that I get to hang with my family!

I hope you all are doing well! Angus.

The Cleaning

If it were not for one small misunderstood sentence this would have been called the vegging.  My Aunt Erin was supposed to hear from my dad was… ¨ I’d have you over if my house was cleaner ¨

She heard… ¨You can come over for dinner how about 6?¨ When  we got home my dad got a text. It was from my aunt. See you at 6! ¨Aw crap we gotta start cleaning!¨ said my dad.

A few hours later my aunt got to my house. It was spotless! Everything was as shiny a box of Lysol wipes and a mop could get you! Floor. Mopped and spotless! Bathroom bleached spotless with Lysol wipes! Hey! I know I have used the word spotless three times but it was the perfect word to describe my house!

Any way dinner was awesome my dad made these weird I do not know what to call them really. The meat had no taste and the outside was like a tortilla chip. after we ate a ton of Mexican candy. The rest was just blank we all watched TV and went to bed

I just wished that i could have had a friend over…

Sequel coming soon!